Friday, May 5, 2006

dad's response to leisel's memory

This is a memory that Leisel committed to e-mail to add to the other memories that everyone wrote before. She did a great job. I am learning so much about myself that I did not know before. I appreciate your written personal thoughts. I was thinking today that I wish I knew more about my Grandfather Bagley. There have been things written about him but I don't feel that I know him. He died when my dad was eleven years old. Dads brothers had a lot to do with raising there youngest brother. Regarding the sailboat experience that Leisel referred to, I had rented catamarans at mission bay before and they are very adgile on the water. As we tried to bring the sailboat back to the dock against the wind we tacked back and forth but just were not making it. Finally we got too close to the shore and the rocks knocked the rudder off the boat. We were now drifting out into the windy bay rudderless. The girls apparently didn't notice but I was in a bit of a panic at this point. I hadn't been doing very good with a rudder and now we were without one. I finally observed the the rudder had some slots that you could slide it back into place and we did make it back before sundown. Dad