Monday, June 25, 2007

Grover Floods

Unlike the Katrina victums who only got flooded once,in the Grover house we had a flood once every spring. I not sure we knew this when Dad bought the ranch --not that it would have make any difference . The first year must have been quite a suprise. After that we just prepared.The house was built on the same level as the meadow and as the snow melted each spring the water level rose several feet in the basement.We would move food in the food room to higher shelves remove any other items from the floor and hang it on the walls.A pair of irrigation boots were put on the top steps so one could venture to the food room without getting wet.As the water reseaded to a few inches we employed a sump pump to keep it out.

Since the Grover house had only one bathroom a metal shower stall was installed in the basement.This was particularly helpful in the summer time when we bathed more than once a week.The moisture in the basement did attract reptilian critters. We had small frogs and at least one snake. It was best to check the floor just before you stepped out of the shower least you step on one of these basement dwellers.

Talks over the years

Dear Family,

It is sometimes said you are in my thoughts. May I say you are in my talks.Over the past 20 years I have given many talks. In one way or another you have all been in them. My talks almost always include some rememberance from my family,childhood,ranch life,ancestors,tractors,airplaine crashes,climbing the Tetons,home cooking,growing up in rural Wyoming,cows, horses,brothers and sisters,the Oregon trail, double dexter washing machines and any other thing that I could possibly stretch into a gospel subject.

I possibly should have quit on these stories early but people kept encoraging me. Some of course with the polite good talk Brother Bagley, but many with the we always look forward to your talks because they are so differnt and interesting .

President West was even polite in finding something nice to say after I gave my "Never buy new cars or trucks--Always rent when you are going to drive a lot of miles in a short time talk" in stake general priesthood meeting. My bridge to this subject was provident living. It was a bit of a stetch but it became my most requested talk for copies.

I have to admit that more often than not I had some story I wanted to tell and I find a gospel subject to fit with it.

Our last stake conference was my favorite. The gospel subject was repentance. I mixed into this talk the sights and smells of Monday washday in Grover. This included discribing the Double
Dexter washing machine, the wringer, the rinse tubs, the cloths line with sometimes frozen cloths on it. I wove into these images the priniples of repentance and becoming clean. Towards the end as I have done in some of my talks I sang a song---- Ye Simple Soals Who Have Strayed. There is a bit of a risk in trying to sing in the middle of a talk especially if you have become emotionally involved in the message. I love this song so I took the risk.

Anyway. I wanted to thank you all including my parents and grandparents who have contrubuted to the material that I use and will continue to use till someone stops me and says enough already Bagley

Seasons Greeting to you all, Errol

Brothers & Sisters

This is a pic of my brothers and sisters taken at Alisias wedding reception in Tetonia. It was 15 below that night. They were taking pictures of the bride outside the I.F. temple and she started looking like a popcicle. Dad

Sunday, June 24, 2007

i am a cowboy

A birthday gift from sisters dear----For a cowboy who rides nomore.

I took them back and got the cash---And bought some more my style.

They were so fine this lace up kind---Of suede and great support

They would no doubt feel right at home --Even at a church court

With coat and tie or causual wear ---I really do look fine.

At funerals or reunions or just to go out and dine.

Now if you bury me in these boots--Please clean and brush them one last time.

But---if you need these boots --just pull them off-- before you close the lid.

I rarely wear my boots to bed---so why should I when I'm dead ?