Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dear Family & Friends
What a great summer we have had. More time in Pine than I have ever spent even though I can only take three days at a time before I start feeling guilty. We had a great trip to Portland at the beginning of the summer to take care of Jason and Jills children. I got to work in Colorado in a most beautiful setting. We had our Pine Errol & Elaine Bagley family reunion. Elaine and I were back from the two Idaho/ Utah reunions for less that a day before we left for California for three days at a time share resort and musical theater with our friends the Whitings.
We were musing the other day that we can hardly remember when we have had to pay for a hotel in resent years as we have friends and family everywhere we go.
I remember the line from Sound of Music often." Somewhere in my youth and childhood---I must have done something good". We think of the line often and with with gratefulness as we inventory our many blessing.
I am ready to get back to a routine. I got my good bus route back with one small school added within my pickup area. I still have a contract which means a months worth of paid holidays during the school year. I find myself almost embarrassed that I have driven out of my way this summer just to go by the bus yard and look at the big yellow buses. As we were driving though Idaho this summer I noted each school we passed and how many buses were parked by them. I sometimes wake up in the morning going though the bus safely check and then imagining the music of starting up a big diesel engine. I think I am still OK but you may want to keep our eyes on me. Be prepared for more "bus stories". I'm sure they will be coming.
Love,  Errol