Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly News From Third Street

Weekly News From Third Street February 8, 09

Since January our valley has had light rail. It is a beautiful train but not very fast. In addition to the train there are some beautiful new double long super buses that feed into the light rail. These buses cost $756,000 apiece. These super buses have the ability to hold a green light they are approaching and they only stop every mile. I took some of the grandchildren on a free ride during the holidays over to the airport. I think it would probably take one hour from Mesa by bus and train to get to the airport. Andrew took the bus and train to work this week.

I had a field trip to the new Tempe Arts Center on the lake this week. This is an amazingly beautiful structure on the river walk and not far from a light rail stop.

Leisel is dating regularly, perhaps even more that Ashley at this time. She may choose to share her experiences.

In Sacrament mtg this Sunday Cynthia Nuland played a piece on the piano. Most of you will remember Cynthia is a mildly downs syndrome girl who is Hiedi's age. She played two hymns with one finger only. While short on full piano ability she put feeling into the one finger hymns. We have two other downs syndrome boys in the ward Nathan Davidson and a Richardson boy. Nathan and Cynthia are approaching 40. I would be interested to know Rob and Hiedi's remembrances of Cynthia and Nathan from your earlier years.

Our second musical number was a hymn sung by a sister who sometimes takes leads on Broadway. She did not need the microphone. Thank heavens she does not sing in the ward choir. The rest of us would have to quit. She did a beautiful job and the contrast between the one fingered piano player and the opera singer was a study in our inclusiveness and acceptance in the church.

Since I have more time right now I signed up to go out with the missionaries if they need someone. If the Elders are teaching a single sister they have to have one other priesthood brother with them now.

We are grateful for our two new grandsons Roxwell and Charlie.

When one of Leisels dates came this week Berlin was sitting at the bar. As he shook hands with the adults she immediately put our her hand to be included. It was one of those you had to be there things to know the cutness of it all.