Sunday, June 9, 2013

When Old Painters Don't Have a Truck

For that past five years the construction trade in Arizona has been dead. There is a pulse coming back and even retired painters who don't want to paint are getting calls. I had to put my HHR into service as my paint truck. Did I mention I was retired?  EB


Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Testimony January 6, 2013 Sacrament Meeting Centennial Ward‏

My name is Errol Bagley. This past month it has been our privilege to clean our church building each Saturday. Several weeks ago as part of the cleaning crew I noticed that the majority of the cleaners that day were the four former bishops of this ward, Bishops Stapley, Severtson, Moore and myself. As I observed this group of happy cleaners I thought to myself  'This church must be true'. Were in the world would you find a group  who that had sat at the head of the congregation with some honor and were now happily washing windows and cleaning bathrooms in the same church. About the same week my wife was asked to come in for an appointment with young Brother Curt Severtson to receive a call to work in the primary. It occurred to me that in times past Elaine may have wiped 'this' boys nose in a primary class and now she was sitting before him to take counsel. It is interesting to watch the ebb and flow of the of the assignments in the church. If someday we are privileged to have audience with our Heavenly Father  I don't think He is going to ask us what positions we held in the church. I think He is more likely to ask us if we knew His Son.

Today there will be those who stand at this podium and use words such as: I believe.........I know..........I know with every fiber of my being.............and some young ones will just stand on the box and say that they love their Mom and Dad. It is not for us to  judge the depth of each others testimony. The standard for me of all the testimonies that I have ever heard was given by Bruce R. McConkie in 1985. It was the last time he spoke in conference. Part of that testimony included these words: And in a coming day I will feel the wounds in His hands and feet and I will wet His feet with my tears but I will not know better then than I know now that He is my Savior and Redeemer. I would hope someday to be able to bare such a testimony. In the mean time I will just be content to say that I believe from everything that I know about this church and gospel and perhaps more importantly from everything that I feel in my heart that this is Christ's true church. In His name Amen.