Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The End is Near

We have little hope left but to make our street a gated community. Mervyns is closing. That was the canary in the coal mine for our part of town. The former Wendy's, Burger King, and Long John Silvers are now taco shops. The former Bashas is a Food City. We do still have dollar stores and payday loan centers.
Actually 3rd street is one of the nicest cul-de-sac streets in the whole area. Hold on to that thought.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pear Harlequin Jelly and Choke Cherry Syrup

This week I had a nice visit with Julie had John. They were down for Rubys baptism. Julie brought us some home made Pear Harliquin jelly and Choke Cherry syrup.
I decided a handwritten thank you letter was in order. I told Julie how much I appreciated the home made preserves and that it brought back memories of home and Mom.
I went on to say that it does not matter how old you get sometimes you just want to go to your Mom and Dad and tell them you are having some problems. I didn't realize that I was overdo for a good cry but it happened after I wrote that sentence and it was a gusher.
I finished by saying that Mom and Dad probably already know of our challenges and are part of a prayer circle on the other side in our behalf.
I appreciated Elder Wirthlins conference talk about how all of us have or will have challenges but we need to focus on our many blessings and find humor where ever we can.
We do that most of the time.

Love Errol

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why I was "B" student

Why I was "B" Student in High School and for that matter in Collage as well

The reason I was "B" student is because I wasn't an "A" student. I wanted to be an "A" student. My sister Julie was valedictorian of our H.S. My sometimes girlfriend Patty Child was an "A" student. My good friend Lamar Walker was an "A" student. If you were on the honor roll they published your name in the Star Valley Independent. I was determined to make the honor roll but it just didn't happen.

If you were a "B" student and member of the national honor society you got to wear a nice white sash over your robe at graduation. I was determined that I would at least wear the white sash at graduation which I did. I also spoke at graduation as senior class president.

The Call line of our heritage has sporadic genius level members. This has shown up in some of my children. As to economics, our one son who barely graduated from high school for lack of interest now makes more money than any of the rest...

In a non related memory from collage I was required to take one chemistry class for my major. This class was taught in one of the amphitheater classes with ever rising rows of seats. The seats we first sat in became our assigned seats for the semester. Most of the students were nursing students, thus were female. I found myself between two of these BYU coeds. The one on the right was of cover girl variety, with skirts that could have at best barely met BYU standards while she was standing. In sitting position there was a lotta leg showing. I can only guess what the view from the professor’s pit was. On my left was a coed who, to be kind, was of the very plain variety and she had bad breath, as well.

When taking a test we would lean over the 12 square inch pull up desk top and I had my choice of a model’s legs on one side or Miss bad breath on the other. Maybe that is why I was "B" student in collage as well.